NYC Mayor Eric Adams may have 'violated ethics laws' by not getting approval to give his brother NYPD job

There's a chance Mayor Eric Adams violated New York City ethics law by getting his brother hired by the NYPD before getting permission from the City's Conflicts of Interest Board (COIB), WNBC reports.

Bernard Adams is now a deputy commissioner of the NYPD, earning approximately $240,000 a year. For the past decade, he worked as head of parking enforcement at a Virginia university. He's been working at his new position since Dec. 30.

According to WNBC, the Mayor's team called the COIB to begin the approval process on Jan. 7 -- the same day WNBC inquired about the hiring of his brother.

"Requesting a waiver from the Conflicts of Interest Board later does not cure a prior ethics violation," said former COIB Director Mark Davies.

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Davies also told WNBC that the rules are crystal clear.

"No city official can take an action to hire a brother or sister, without the prior approval of the Conflicts of Interest Board," he said. "That approval has to come first."

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