Eric Trump says he wants to have dinner with Jesus — just so he can complain to him about Biden

Eric Trump said in a recent interview that if he could have dinner with any person, he would choose Jesus Christ — because he wants to complain to him about the Biden administration.

During an interview with Candace Owens of The Daily Wire, Trump was asked to name someone who he would like to have dinner with.

"How about Jesus?" he replied.

"What would you ask him?" Owens wondered.

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"Did you envision this happening to the United States of America?" Trump said. "Did you ever envision a person as incompetent as Joe Biden running the United States of America? How in the world did this happen?"

"Honestly, I might ask him if this is actually a ploy to show people the difference between Republican leadership and Democratic leadership," Trump added. "Like, sometimes I think about that."

Trump previously asserted on Fox News that Democrats who were critical of his father's administration are "not even people."

Watch video below: