Trump kids won't be indicted because they lead ‘amazingly clean lives’: Eric Trump

Eric Trump went on Newsmax on Thursday to respond to the Trump Organization being charged with 15 counts of crime.

"Are you concerned they might send an indictment your way, your brother's way or your sister's way?" Eric Bolling asked.

"You know what? I'm not, Eric, because guess what, we've always lived amazingly clean lives," the former president's son said.

"And believe me, if they could've, they already would've," he said, despite prosecutors only recently receiving key information.

"The difference is, I'm not Hunter Biden," said the executive vice president of a company indicted on 15 counts.

"Don, Ivanka and I live really, you know, nice clean lives," he claimed. "And we work very, very hard."

He later repeated again, "we live clean lives" as he continued to complain about Hunter Biden.