Biden critic insists he's not racist after being caught on video hurling the N-word at a Hispanic man
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A video that began circulating social media this Friday shows three white men harassing a Hispanic man in a parking lot in Escondido, California, telling the man, "Go back to where you f*cking came from."

"And this is the type of trash we have in Escondido, and Trump helped expose. Pathetic," the man who recorded the video wrote in a tweet this Friday.

At one point, one of the men takes a swipe at the man's phone and calls him the N-word.

"So, you just told me to go back to Mexico?" the man recording the video says.

"Send it to the news, I dare you," one of the men responds.

According to the Heavy, one of the men seen in the video has been identified as Nick Dunn, who recently criticized mask mandates and President Biden on a local news segment.

When the video started to go viral, Dunn posted an apology video, which was later deleted, claiming that the man who recorded the initial video "antagonized" and "provoked" the group of men he was with.

"The guy was looking for this to happen," Dunn said. "I'm truly ... sorry for the way that I behaved. I'm not really like that. I'm not racist or anything. He was trying to get us to do this."

Dunn added that he "is actually an Eagle Scout" and that he is "unhappy" with his behavior.

But the man they harassed wasn't buying it.

"If you're ever getting your face recorded, just keep your mouth shut." he said, "I think if people really, you know, thought about like what it would be like to be a Trump supporter ... We're not racist."

Responding to the apology video, the man who recorded the video, who uses the Twitter handle @jonpeace67, wrote, "Don't go victimizing these sorry excuses for human-beings."

"No matter what I said to them, they have no fucking right to use racial and homophobic slurs," he wrote.