Facebook execs could face 'criminal charges' after new leaks: NYU professor
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing a new firestorm over the social network's handling of Russian misinformation efforts in the 2016 US election season AFP/File / GERARD JULIEN

On Monday's edition of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," New York University Professor Scott Galloway suggested that the revelations in the "Facebook Papers" could ultimately lead to criminal liability for executives at the social networking giant.

Appearing on CNN Monday, Galloway told host Anderson Cooper that the leaked documents produced by whistleblower Frances Haugen could produce major legal problems for Facebook.

"For the first time, actually believe it's — this is elevated from regulation from anti-trust to criminal charges," he said. "I think there are now, in these documents, evidence of several different fronts that the company will be — or individuals will be charged criminally with."

"It's so interesting," said Cooper. "You know, Netflix picks the movies it thinks I might like and I think, okay, well that's a good idea. But we are allowing more and more control over to these algorithms using artificial intelligence that we have no idea — even the programmers, themselves, often don't know all the decisions, how the algorithms make the decisions that they do."

"Yeah, and that's really the correct point, Anderson," said Galloway. "At some point, the violation of your privacy becomes criminal when it results in a loss of autonomy. So we decide children don't have their own agency and that they don't have the autonomy in child labor, so we have laws against that. Did the people who stormed the Capitol on January 6th have a loss of autonomy because they have been fed so much misinformation? We have individuals all over the world that are losing their autonomy because Facebook is able to gather data and decide that you would like to hear a confirmation bias."

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