Facebook oversight board upholds Trump's suspension from the platform — but there's a catch

On Wednesday, the Facebook independent oversight board handed down a long-anticipated decision — upholding the social network's decision to suspend former President Donald Trump from their platform.

However, the board also added that the suspension shouldn't necessarily be permanent, and urged Facebook to reassess the situation in six months out from the decision, which could potentially re-inflame the controversy later this year.

Trump's suspension from the platform initially was implemented after the violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol in January — an act that was motivated in part by the president's use of the platform to push lies and conspiracy theories about the integrity of the election.

The decision is potentially consequential to U.S. politics, as Facebook has been a critical platform for the former president to raise money and could impact his ability to message and fundraise for a potential rematch with President Joe Biden in 2024.