'Blood on her hands': CNN reports new Facebook whistleblower is ready to testify
Facebook CEO and chairman Mark Zuckerberg, seen at a 2016 APEC summit in Peru, is likely to be grilled over privacy issues in two congressional hearings AFP/File / Rodrigo BUENDIA

On Tuesday, CNN responded to the new report that a second Facebook whistleblower, Sophie Zhang, is ready to testify to Congress.

"She says she felt like she had, quote, 'blood on her hands' after working at the tech giant for nearly three years," said anchor Erica Hill, turning to correspondent Brian Stelter. "She was fired last year but says she's now brought information about Facebook to authorities. What more do we know about what that information is?"

"She won't name which federal agency she's shared the information with, but she told our colleague she has handed that over and is willing to testify," said Stelter. "When she first came forward to The Guardian newspaper, there was not as much attention around her allegations. She's trying to say that, saying she is happy to speak in a more public forum and share what she knows with regards to whatever she has handed over. We don't know what she's handed over. But she provided documents to the FTC and other organizations."

"It's notable to see multiple former staffers saying we have the goods, we're showing you what we know to be wrong inside of Facebook," continued Stelter. "One of Zhang's top complaints, she says the company doesn't do enough to tackle hate and information in smaller countries. The United States, there's been a lot of attention around these issues, less so in other countries. Facebook disputes that, but it reminds me of what Wall Street Journal reporter Jeff Horowitz said, he said the version of Facebook we have in the United States is the best one, the safest one. There are more problems with the platform elsewhere."

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