Judge mocks Peter Navarro’s complaint in contempt of Congress case
Peter Navarro (Photo via AFP)

A federal judge on Monday denied former top Trump White House advisor and conspiracy theorist Peter Navarro‘s claims in his contempt of Congress case, highlighting several including his claim of selective prosecution and “unlawful political interference.”

Navarro was arrested in June for failing to comply “in any way” with a subpoena issued by the U.S. House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack and indicted by a grand jury on two contempt charges.

The Court ruled Navarro “has not made a ‘colorable claim,'” meaning, valid, “as to either element of the selection prosecution defense.” At one point the judge calls Navarro’s claims “speculative.”

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Navarro was performatively outraged after his arrest, claiming that he was strip-searched, put in leg irons and solitary confinement, refused a call to his attorney, and not given any food or water for hours. The DOJ previously addressed at least some of his claims, saying, he made “numerous false statements,” and that the “Defendant’s claims are false.”