Fake vaccine cards and Ivermectin sent from China to Texas intercepted by Border Patrol
An official US Covid-19 vaccination card Robyn Beck AFP/File

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol seized multiple shipments of fake vaccine cards and Ivermectin in Chicago on Monday, reported the Daily Beast.

According to the report, boxes labeled "logs" and "greeting cards" were shipped from Mexico and China to Texas, but inside were multiple packages of Ivermectin pills, a livestock drug, and cards people have tried to replicate to fake their vaccines.

"Prescriptions for Ivermectin have been difficult to obtain in the U.S." Scientists explain that the research of the drug showed for it to be effective it would have to be given in toxic doses. Even then, it's never been tested in humans to see if it could cure COVID outside of the lab. Still, many conspiracy theorists believe that the explosive diarrhea it causes will heal them, according to those taking it.

"One of the seized Ivermectin packages falsely claimed to contain decorative beads in an apparent attempt to get past U.S. authorities," said the report. "But the subterfuge failed when CBP officials more closely examined the shipment, X-rayed it, and notified the Food and Drug Administration's Office of Criminal Investigation of the seizure."

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