How false alarms of school shootings terrify students — and their parents
Police SWAT team members practicing an anti-terrorism drill inside a school / Shutterstock

There were false alarms of school shootings in at least three different states on Tuesday, resulting in heavy police responses and terrifying student, school staff, and their parents.

"Police confirm everyone is safe after Waco High School was placed on lockdown Tuesday afternoon after a report of a shooting inside a classroom that turned out to be part of a statewide hoax," KWTX-TV reported in Texas.

The Houston Chronicle reported, "Police and panicked parents scrambled to Heights High School Tuesday afternoon, in frantic response to a false report that a gunman had shot 10 people in a room on the 2,400-student Houston ISD campus. The school went into lockdown around 1 p.m., and police officers found the room locked and immediately breached the door, according to Chief Troy Finner."

And it Austin, KXAN-TV reports, "Connally High School’s campus was temporarily put on hold Tuesday after police got a report of a shooter on campus. Police investigated the threat and determined that it was a false report. Other campuses in Texas also received false reports of threats on Tuesday, including three in Houston and one in Waco. All of the threats were found to be not credible."

And it wasn't just in Texas.

"Officers are on scene at Tucson High School investigating a report of a shooting," the Tucson Police Department announced. "Officers have diligently checked the campus, classrooms, and surrounding area. No evidence of a shooting has been found."

"All indications are this was a false report, and we are working with school staff to locate the source," Tucson Police added.

There also were also false alarms in California.

"Madera police are investigating a false emergency call that forced three Madera Unified schools into lockdown," KFSN-TV reported. "The call led police to put Nishimoto Elementary, Jack G. Desmond Middle School and Matilda High School on lockdown."

"After the principal announced their Hollywood High School campus was going on lockdown Tuesday morning, Jaila Counts, a junior, and her 20 ballet classmates ran to a nearby closet, where they sat cramped for the next hour, crying silently as they waited for answers," the Los Angeles Times reported. "Her family began calling and texting. She called her mother, Jillian Counts-Odusanya, who could hear screaming and crying in the background."

LAPD reportedly received a false call from an active shooter and six victims.

"Over the next hour, police determined that the report was a hoax and the campus was safe, but not before prompting confusion and concern from students and parents. Earlier, LAPD and school police officers entered the campus with guns drawn, searching for any victims or suspects," the newspaper reported. "But when police encountered school staff, instead of pointing them toward any emergency, the staff members met officers with puzzled looks and confusion."

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