All hell breaks loose at congressional hearing after GOP lawmaker accuses Anthony Blinken of treason

A congressional hearing on the withdrawal from Afghanistan devolved into shouting and chaos on Monday when Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) accused Secretary of State Anthony Blinken of committing treason and then refused to let him respond.

Mast started his questioning of Blinken by holding up photos of soldiers who died in Afghanistan during the withdrawal and suggesting that President Joe Biden manipulated intelligence to justify his withdrawal from the country.

Biden didn't initiate the withdrawal, former President Donald Trump made the announcement before the 2020 election that he was withdrawing troops from the country after making a deal with the Taliban.

"They deserve to know if President Biden manipulated intelligence and that's what led to everything going so wrong," claimed Mast. "We deserve hearings on what's going on with that leaked transcript and why there are others that remain in Afghanistan."

He went on to claim that Biden left "the most advanced military weaponry," in the country. Republicans have falsely claimed that $85 billion of military equipment was abandoned in the country. A report last week detailed that the weaponry left was destroyed or was rendered useless. Al Jazeera reported that the Taliban was "disappointed" that they ultimately ended up with nothing beneficial in the end.

Mast also described the administration's chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan as "absolutely aid and comfort to the enemy," which fits the legal definition of treason.

"Simply put, Congressman, what you said is dead wrong!" Blinken shot back.

"I don't have time," Mast interrupted. "I don't wish to hear your lies!"

"There was no manipulation of intelligence, period!" Blinken interjected.

Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) at this point interjected and tried to let Blinken reply, but Mast kept shouting above him.

See the full exchange below:

Florida congressman suggests Biden manipulated intelligence to withdraw from Afghanistan