Police chief apologizes for training targets that allegedly resembled Black men

The chief of Farmington Hills Police Department in Detroit is asking the public for forgiveness after a Boy Scout troop taking a tour of the department found paper targets of Black men at their shooting range, WXYZ reports.

“I’ll take this one on the chin,” Police Chief Jeff King said at a public meeting. “I apologize to each and every person in this room, this community, my department, my city council, my city manager. I can’t overlook this.”

Farmington Hills Mayor Vicki Barnett said all of the targets have been removed and the city will conduct a legal review.

"Silhouette would have been most appropriate; I don't see a good reason to use those targets, I don't really at all," said councilman Michael Bridges.

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Farmington Hills police officer Kevin Clark says they use various targets, which are colored black, white, and gray.

“I have never been trained to shoot at any particular race, gender, age, or anything of this nature," said Officer Clark, but a resident says pictures from a parent who was on the Boy Scouts tour shows differently.

"What I see here is these are actually Black men in hoodies and they are actually holding guns, and they are actually Black men, they are not black, gray or white," the resident said during the meeting.

Councilmember Ken Massey said that of the 2,300 images used in target practice, 185 are of Black men.