Father of 5 dies from COVID-19 after choosing to skip the vaccine

Antwone Rivers, 39, and his wife, Hollie abided by social distancing guidelines and wore masks in public but skipped getting the vaccine because they didn't feel comfortable about it. Now, Hollie is regretting that decision because her husband died from COVID-19.

"It was funny because two weeks prior to this happening, we were talking about it more, saying maybe we should get vaccinated, and now it's like, a big loss for everybody," Hollie told Fox 2 News.

Rivers had a successful career as a manager at a vehicle logistics company where he "went to work every day even on the weekends, on vacations he worked," according to his wife.

After testing positive for the virus, Rivers' health deteriorated rapidly despite having no underlying health conditions. After being placed on a ventilator, the father of five passed away on May 13.

"Most of all it feels like a dream and it hasn't hit me yet," Hollie said.

Antwone's co-workers from Precision created a GoFundMe to support Hollie and their five children. As of this writing, it has collected just over $37,000.

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