MAGA rioter who attacked Officer Michael Fanone with a stun gun 'expected civil war': FBI transcripts
Officer Michael Fanone (Screengrab)

On Tuesday, NBC4 Washington's Scott MacFarlane revealed that he had obtained the transcript of an FBI interview with Daniel Rodriguez, a high-level January 6 Capitol riot defendant accused of attacking D.C. Police Officer Michael Fanone with a stun gun — and who claimed to have been acting on the "authorization" of former President Donald Trump.

"We've gotten our hands on a nearly 200-page transcript of the FBI's interview with a high-level January 6th defendant: Daniel Rodriguez of California," said MacFarlane. "He's pleaded not guilty in his case, and he's accused, among other things, of using a Taser device on the neck of injured D.C. Police Officer Michael Fanone. And we have that transcript because it's been formally and publicly entered in the court docket of Rodriguez's case, as defense attorneys and prosecutors argue over whether the contents of that interview should be admissible in his case moving forward."

"According to the transcripts, a couple of striking things happened," continued MacFarlane. "For example, one of the things in the transcript that we noted is that he told the agents ... he had an expectation there was going to be civil war. He also indicated that there was a direction of Tasers to the front lines of January 6th because there was an expectation Tasers would be needed to occupy the Capitol."

Rodriguez, whom MacFarlane noted revealed himself in the transcript as "a big consumer of InfoWars and a big supporter of Donald Trump," also denied responsibility for placing pipe bombs on the Capitol premises during his FBI interview — and broke down crying while talking to the federal agents.

Watch below: