Read the email warning an FBI official that agents agreed with the Capitol attack on Jan. 6
FBI Director Christopher Wray tells the Senate Judiciary Committee that Russia is still trying to interfere in US elections (AFP Photo/Saul LOEB)

The FBI and Director Christopher Wray are all coming under fire after the latest public hearing of the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Congress and attempt to overthrow the election. It was revealed on Thursday that the FBI was warned several times ahead of the attack and failed to prepare.

NBC News reported Friday that not only did the FBI fail to act ahead of Jan. 6, but a top FBI official was also warned after the fact that there were many agents who stood in solidarity with the Jan. 6 attackers.

As members of Congress referred to the attack as a "violent coup," the FBI proved that U.S. government employees were supportive of the murderous crowd that abused law enforcement and tried to assassinate former Vice President Mike Pence.

“There’s no good way to say it, so I’ll just be direct: from my first-hand and second-hand information from conversations since January 6th there is, at best, a sizable percentage of the employee population that felt sympathetic to the group that stormed the Capitol," said the email, saying that the agents said it was nothing more than the same thing as the Black Lives Matter protesters.

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The overwhelming amount of Black Live Matter protests were peaceful until violent actors came in after night. Speaking to MSNBC about the comparison on Thursday, former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi said that if an agent can't tell the difference between Jan. 6 and Black Lives Matter then they need to hand in their badge.

“Several also lamented that the only reason this violent activity is getting more attention is because of ‘political correctness,'" the note continued.

The person wrote the email to Paul Abbate, who is now the No. 2 official at the bureau.

The email was disclosed as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request.

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After the revelations on Thursday that the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Marshals and the White House failed to act on tips ahead of Jan. 6, it begs the question of whether that was intentional and whether those government agencies were part of the attempt to overthrow the government.

Abbate replied to the email, suggesting that it was someone he knew or a former agent, as the email was labeled "external."

“I literally had to explain to an agent from a ‘blue state’ office the difference between opportunists burning and looting during protests that stemmed legitimate grievance to police brutality vs. an insurgent mob whose purpose was to prevent the execution of democratic processes at the behest of a sitting president,” the person wrote. “One is a smattering of criminals, the other is an organized group of domestic terrorists.”

The email also said that an FBI official in a "red state" claimed more than 70 percent of the offices' counterterrorism squad and about three-fourths of the agents disagreed with the violence on Jan. 6, “but could understand where the frustration was coming from.”

These people are still working at the FBI today.

Read the full report from NBC News.