FBI releases final report on Nashville bomber -- including clues about his motive

A wide-ranging investigation into the Christmas Day bombing in downtown Nashville has come to an end. According to federal agents, Anthony Quinn Warner acted "in an effort to end his own life" and the incident was not an act of terrorism, USA Today reports.

The FBI went on to say that several "stressors" including "paranoia" and several "eccentric" ideas played into Warner's actions.

"Warner specifically chose the location and timing of the bombing so that it would be impactful, while still minimizing the likelihood of causing undue injury," the FBI said.

While the investigation into Warner's actions have ended, authorities are still looking into how the bombing could have been prevented. According to Metro Council members and community leaders, police were not aggressive enough when a credible tip against Warner surfaced in 2019, where his girlfriend told police Warner "knows what he is doing and is capable of making a bomb."