FBI assembling ‘strike force’ to go after hundreds of Trump rioters accused of sedition and attacking cops

During a press conference this Tuesday, Acting U.S. Attorney Micheal Sherwin said that the "scope and scale" of the current and upcoming investigations into the violent storming of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters is unprecedented "not only in FBI history but probably DOJ history."

"The Capitol -- the grounds outside and inside -- are essentially a crime scene," Sherwin said, adding that he believes when all is said and done, there will be "hundreds of criminal cases."

"As we sit here now literally days after this event happened, we have already opened more than 170 subject files, meaning these individuals have been identified as potential persons that committed crimes on the Capitol grounds inside and outside," he said, adding that the number of cases is likely to grow "by the hundreds" in the coming weeks.

Sherwin said the range of charges go from simple trespassing to felony murder.

He went on to say that aside from the potential cases the public is familiar with through social media and the news, there are less-known "significant felony cases tied to sedition and conspiracy."

Watch the video below: