Fiona Hill warns Russia could be 'a harbinger of things to come' for America

Dr. Fiona Hill was one of the many national security advisers that spoke out after in the impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump after he attempted to bribe Ukraine.

In her new book, There Is Nothing for You Here, she warned that the United States could very easily become a post-Soviet Russia if the country continues on the path. She wrote that many of the public servants from the 1960s had to contend with the fact that appreciation for service and those who simply wanted to get the job done for America, was declining. They were quickly becoming easy targets for Trump and the MAGA world.

"By fall of 2019...I had started to fear that the U.S. was stuck in a period of profound and dangerous disruption," the book continues. "It was not just that Trump was embarrassing our country in press conferences abroad and playing a tin-pot dictator at home. It was that the disaffection, decay, and divisions that had given rise to Trump and the MAGA phenomenon were getting worse. They threatened to corrode the infrastructure of our democracy, affecting not just the oft-maligned government steelworkers, but also the support struts themselves."

Host Ali Velshi noted that most Americans don't see the U.S. in the same way because those parallels aren't part of an overall civics education. He wondered, however, if the judges and military who were willing to stand up to Trump was a sign of resiliency or a sign of fragility for American democracy.

"I think it's a bit of both," Hill explained. "But actually, you did miss out there, although you actually talked about it in your overview, what happened on Capitol Hill in Congress, because what we saw, however, was certain members of the Republican Party not live up to their oaths to the Constitution or to their commitments to their constituents in the places they represent. Because so many of the members of congress, with just a few small exceptions, of the congressional Republicans went along with President Trump's lies. If we also look back at Russia and other authoritarian governments, what it takes is one particular political party, one particular grouping, actually deciding they're going to throw their lot in with a would-be authoritarian leader. If other institutions had gone along, we would be in a very different position than we are now."

She explained that the threat to democracy is alive and well whether or not Trump runs in 2024 and he paved the way for more even if he doesn't run. While many breathed a sign of relief when Trump left the White House, Hill explained that America is still in danger.

"It isn't okay, because the big lie that he perpetrated in saying that he had won the election in 2020 when every piece of evidence suggests and underscores and confirms that he did not, is being perpetrated by members of Congress and by him," she explained. "He's never repudiated anything that he said, he's not conceded that he lost the election. This is another of those signs that we're in deep trouble because millions of people have been convinced because of the president's own credibility as being the president of the United States, and clearly, somebody who people voted for and obviously somebody who they looked up to, somebody has been telling them over and over again an enormous lie. We're already in the territory that has been paved many times before through history by countries like Germany, Nazi Germany, and also the Soviet Union."

She explained that people might be dismissive of such a comparison but that they're valid.

"In each case, people went along with what became the beginnings of massive atrocities and also the perversion of democracy," she said.

She went on to say that she believes Americans supported Trump in 2016 because they were desperate for someone to deliver and he promised that he would.

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Fiona Hill