Former White House official explains why Trump envies Putin: 'He wants unbridled, unfettered power'
Dr. Fiona Hill, British-born American foreign affairs specialist who is also a former official at the National Security Council (Photo: Screen capture)

On the latest edition of CNN's "The Axe Files," former White House Russia specialist Fiona Hill told Democratic political strategist David Axelrod why she believes former President Donald Trump has been so obsessed and envious of autocratic Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"He wants to have what those autocrats have: unbridled, unfettered power; the ability to rule — not govern — as he pleases," said Hill, who was a key witness at Trump's first impeachment trial over his administration's efforts to strong-arm the Ukrainian government into announcing an "investigation" of the Biden family. "And it's not just Putin, but I mean for him Putin, I think, is the epitome — remember he always says these words about Putin, and he says in Helsinki, 'He's been very strong and powerful here with me. Strong, powerful, rich famous, kind of, everybody knows who Putin is.'"

"Everything is all about this sort of celebrity power," continued Hill. "This idea of being, kind of, rich, powerful, strong, and everybody knowing who you are, and, you know, if not respecting you, then fearing you."

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