Fiona Hill describes sexism in Trump’s White House -- including an obscene nickname she was given

Former National Security Council official Fiona Hill described the sexism in former President Donald Trump's White House during an interview on MSNBC on Thursday.

"Deadline: White House" anchor Nicolle Wallace interviewed Hill, who was a key witness in Trump's first impeachment trial and asked about sexism in the White House.

Hill said she "wasn't really expecting it to be in the U.S. White House in the 21st century, after decades of women basically moving themselves up into more senior positions. I'm in my 50s now, I'm well on in my career and life here and a lot of things have changed but some things really haven't. One of the reasons I wanted to put some of these aspects of my experiences into the book because I think it's very important to draw attention to the fact there's still this incredible discrimination against women."

"How did you get the name 'Russia b*tch?'" Wallace asked.

Hill described not even knowing of the nickname until word got back to her.

"Well, I wasn't even aware I had it until one of the gentlemen who had been writing a feature of me went and talked to some of the other people at the National Security Council around the White House. He said, 'Did you know they called you that?'"

Hill decided to make the best of a bad situation by embracing the nickname.

"I assumed they hadn't paid that much attention to me, but I've got a nickname and I decided to make it a badge of pride in the book because this is a word that people use all the time, particularly when it comes to women's anger. You are a b*tch if you're criticizing something or you're pushing back on something," she explained. "It's obviously a genderized word, men don't get called that."

Hill's interview came hours after Trump attacked her in a statement,

"Fiona Hill was terrible at her job," Trump claimed. "Fiona Hill was a Deep State stiff with a nice accent."


Fiona Hil