Viewers joke about 'unlies' in new press briefing: 'She'll never be on Dancing with the Stars'
Photo: Screen capture

The White House has the first press briefing in several weeks and after four years of inconsistent updates to reporters and answers for questions.

New White House press secretary Jen Psaki was refreshingly boring, according to some who watched her. She was asked questions and answered them. She didn't yell. There were no insults and she didn't say the words "fake news" once. It was the first time in a very long time that Americans were able to watch something stable and normal.

Several reporters in the room were able to ask multiple questions and even some were given follow-up questions, which were generally ignored by Psaki's predecessor. She began the briefing by saying that both she and the president sought to use the room as a place of "truth and transparency."

While some reporters tried to get her to react to news about former President Donald Trump, Psaki didn't take the bait, instead focusing on the current administration, the executive orders that President Joe Biden signed Wednesday and the legislative goals in the future.

As one person noted, Psaki doesn't seem to be headed toward the need to rewrite her image after her time in the administration. That likely means she'll never end up on "Dancing with the Stars."

See the jokes about the shock from viewers below: