Florida sheriffs caught on video briefing armed right-wing group before they headed to Capitol on Jan. 6
Trump supporters rioting at the US Capitol. (Shutterstock.com)

Video footage shows Florida sheriffs giving a security briefing to an armed right-wing group that was heading to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, the Daily Dot reports.

The videos show the Homeland Security Division of the Flagler County, Florida Sheriff’s Office meeting with the The Flagler Liberty Coalition (FLC) and other pro-Trump protestors who were about to leave for Washington, D.C.

"The Flagler Liberty Coalition (FLC) recommended its members pack body armor, mace, and knives—which they said were for protection—and were working with Flagler County Commissioner Joe Mullins to bring crowds to D.C. that day. Mullins has faced criticism from his fellow local politicians for attending the protests that turned into the Capitol insurrection," the Dot's report stated. "Together, the group brought three buses of people to Washington on Jan. 6."

The Daily Dot's Eric Levai contends that the video is the best evidence yet of links between pro-Trump politicians, law enforcement, and right-wing groups in the lead up to the Capitol riot. The videos have since been deleted from YouTube.

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The video was recorded by independent journalist Tracey Eaton and shows a sheriff warning the group that antifa will be at the Capitol and plans to use "fire" as a weapon. On the group's website, the intent to go to the Capitol that day was expressed openly. One person in the group warned that the government might fry their cellphones if they stormed the Capitol.

The briefing took place one day before the Capitol riot.

Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies Mike Lutz warned people in the video to travel in groups because they might be attacked by antifa if they're alone. In another video, FLC member Mark Phillips tells protestors to bring helmets, body armor, mace, pepper spray, and knives and says that some members of the group will be in “fight mode.”

"I want everyone coming back from this trip with a win," Lutz says. "We need to take our country back and we need to show up for our president.

None of the FLC members have been arrested or charged with any crimes related to Jan. 6.

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