Fleeing Florida? New state laws have LGBTQ families thinking about moving
LGBT flag painted on brick wall (Shutterstock)

While the state of California has experienced its first in loss in population since its entry into the union in 1831, one of the states that has been the direct beneficiary of those fleeing the Golden State is now feeling the negative pushback from its anti-LGBTQ legislation from the one demographic it is known for the most — families.

According to recent research from the Williams Institute of the UCLA School of Law, nearly 60 percent of LGBTQ parents have publicly stated that they are actively considering leaving the Sunshine State due to the widespread legislation that targets their communities.

That same survey found that nearly 20 percent are even actively in the process of moving out of Florida.

While only 113 LGBTQ parents were surveyed, the heightened tension across the state is obvious, in both forms of legislation, education policies and social debate. The survey focused on the comfort level of LGBTQ parents as Florida citizens before and after passed and proposed legislation.

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Florida has received nationwide attention for its conservative "Parental Rights in Education" law also known as the "Don't Say Gay" bill.

The state's LGBTQ advocacy groups, organizations and clubs are publicly acknowledging the additional support they are having to give members and anticipate the departure of valued members.