Trump supporters are flying profane anti-Biden flags in Florida – and don’t care what their neighbors think
(Screenshot via Fox17)

Profanity-laced flags disparaging President Biden are popping up in a Florida neighborhood, prompting concern among residents who says the flags' messages are inappropriate for children.

"F*** Biden and f*** you for voting for him!" one flag read.

John Strasburger, who is a resident of the neighborhood, said he doesn't care what his neighbors think and put up the flag anyway.

"I feel the election was stolen, I think the evidence was there to prove it," he told local TV station Fox4Now.

"Right now, I'm exercising my right of freedom of speech," added Strasburger, who said he bought the flag online for $17.

"If there was an ordinance, I would take it down tomorrow. But there's not, so it's going to remain up," he said.

Tony Paparone, who lives nearby, is flying the same flag despite some pushback from his neighbors.

"I talked to the lady, I even said, she said well, it doesn't really affect me, it's just the fact that I have small kids and they read it. I'm like well, sorry," Paparone explained.

Fox4Now reports that local officials did not object to the flags.

"The city's code does not regulate the content of signs. However, the code does regulate the size and number of signs allowed on private property," the City of Cape Coral said in a statement.