5600 students in one Florida county are in quarantine after COVID cases reported in first week of school
school hallway in North Paulding High School via Hannah Watters

A whopping 5,800 children are in quarantine in Tampa, Florida after schools opened and exposed other students to COVID-19.

According to local Fox15, "the school district said 5,599 students are either in isolation due to a positive case or in quarantine due to exposure. That's an increase of about 1,200 students from Friday when officials said 4,477 students had to be quarantined."

Many on the right are complaining that it's all due to the school's absurd COVID-19 rules mandating that anyone exposed is quarantined. As a result, when 381 students and 85 staff reported positive COVID cases on Monday, it increased the quarantine an additional 1,200.

On Aug. 13, 131 students and 44 staffers were diagnosed with COVID. The day before had another 131 students and 36 staffers diagnosed. That is likely why the number of quarantined students is increasing along with the infections.