Florida man spray-paints ‘KKK’ and a noose on the side of van catering to Black women
Racist spray-painting incident (image via screengrab).

On Friday, CBS12 reported that a man from Ocala, Florida was caught spray-painting "KKK" onto the side of a van used to operate Fancy Hair Collections, a business based out of Gainesville. He also spray-painted what appeared to be a noose around the neck of a Black woman depicted on the side of the van.

The perpetrator, 74-year-old Victor Buttermoore, was caught on camera. He has reportedly been arrested by Ocala Police and charged with criminal mischief.

"On June 16, a van belonging to Fancy Hair Collection was parked at Screaming Aero Graphix, located at 15 SW 10th St., according to Ocala police. Buttermoore pulled up in a silver Nissan Armada or Infinity Q56, walked over to the van with his hood up and sprayed 'KKK' and a noose on the side," reported Joseph Erickson. "Police say Buttermoore was upset that one of his employees stopped working at his company, Signs Unlimited Sea, Inc., to work at Screaming Aero Graphix."

According to Ocala-News, the owner of Fancy Hair Collection, Aniyah Williams, had brought the van to Ocala for maintenance.

Watch the footage of the incident here:

Criminal Mischief In Ocala: Man Sprays Vehicle With Red Paint www.youtube.com