Florida man unleashed a months-long tsunami of racist threats after bank closed his account

On Thursday, the Miami Herald reported that a Florida man has been sentenced to 27 months for a months-long series of racist threats against a North Carolina banker whose institution closed his business account for unauthorized activity.

"Jalon Torres, 43, of Boynton Beach, Florida, pleaded guilty in October 2021 to charges of cyberstalking and making interstate threats. On Tuesday, March 22, 2022, a judge in Charlotte, NC, sentenced Torres to 27 months in prison," reported Michael Gordon. "Torres then asked for the Charlotte bank employee’s last name, which the FBI says she refused to give. Torres found her anyway. Within days of the phone call, Torres unleashed an eight-month barrage of racist, pornographic and life-threatening phone calls, emails and texts toward the banker, her husband and children, and her extended family, the FBI says."

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According to the report, in one voicemail from December 2020, Torres said, “We’re coming for you dumb ass n****r. We know where you live. We know your whole f**king family and you’re going to be dead. Just wait.”

The banker reportedly was forced to hire off-duty police officers to guard her home in Charlotte.

"Torres’ criminal record shows multiple arrests for mostly drugs and driving but also for stalking and false imprisonment," said the report. "He appears to have served at least one jail sentence — a 10-day incarceration for a misdemeanor 1997 theft conviction in Harris County (Houston), Texas. In letters to [Federal District Judge Max] Cogburn asking for leniency, Torres’ parents described a promising but troubled man whose life had been thrown off line at an early age after he discovered the body of his 15-month-old sister, whom, they say, had been murdered by her baby-sitter."

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