'FJB!' Florida man yells Joe Biden slurs while punching CVS clerk in the face
Gainesville Police Department

A Florida man yelling curses at President Joe Biden is accused of possibly breaking the nose of a CVS employee.

CBS 4 reported that Gainesville police said that 29-year-old David Frick entered the store on Sunday and "started punching the employee." According to police, Frick shouted, "F--k, Joe Biden," during the assault.

"The victim was in the back getting ice cream out of the freezer when Frick grabbed the victim and hit her in the face multiple times," WCJB noted.

"After falling, Police say Frick got on top of her and punched her more. A customer tackled Frick to stop the attack, and then he punched the customer in the face and ran out of the store, according to the arrest report," CBS 4 said.

Frick was later detained by police.

The CVS employee was said to have a bloody lip and a possible broken nose. The customer who was attacked suffered facial swelling.

Frick was charged with felony battery.

"He has a prior conviction for battery on a law enforcement officer, after shoving a nurse at the jail," the report said.