'Lost my temper': Elderly Florida man settles laundry room dispute by killing the HOA president and her husband
Photo: Mug shot via police department

Henry Wallace was shot and killed over the weekend after an elderly neighbor was enraged over Wallace leaving the door open to the shared laundry room. While standing at his mailbox, Hugh Hootman demanded Wallace apologize, said WPBF News.

According to what Hootman told the police, it was only when Wallace tried to push past Hootman that he said, "I lost my temper," pulled out a gun, and shot him several times.

Hootman's wife, Susan, was recorded in her 911 call, saying, "My husband just shot our neighbors and I think he killed them."

"The neighbor downstairs just the other day shouted at me and swore at me regarding the washer and dryer," Hootman explained.

When Wallace's wife, Ginger, ran outside she began yelling. Hootman responded by shooting her twice, killing her as well. Mrs. Wallace was the HOA president of the condo building and had just decorated for Christmas, excited over spending time with her family.

Neighbor Kathy Barger said she heard Wallace screaming, "oh, no, no," and then screaming and going silent.

"That’ll stay with me all my days," Barger said.

Another neighbor, Raymond Boze, heard the gunfire and opened his door only to see a scared mailman calling the police.

"His body was lying right here, and she was lying there like a baby, curled up, and he (the mailman) was standing there, and I said, 'Are you calling 911?' and he said, 'Yeah,'" Boze recalled.

Hootman returned to his apartment to tell his wife, “Call the police, I just shot Henry and Ginger.”

After being arrested, detectives said Hootman was overwhelming in his apology, saying he wished he could "take it back."

Hootman has a concealed carry permit and keeps his gun in his pocket for protection, deputies relayed. Or evidently to settle conflicts with neighbors.

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