'Heil Hitler and what he did': Florida Nazis harass 'Jew' driving by white supremacist rally
Twitter/screen grab

Members of an American Nazi party were seen harassing people they believed to be Jews and Blacks over the weekend.

At a National Socialist Movement rally in Orlando on Saturday, members of the party focused most of their hatred on Jews.

StopAntisemitism.org monitored a live stream of the event and found phrases like "The Jew is the devil" and "Jews rape children and drink their blood." Members of the group were also heard using the N-word to slur Black Americans.

In one video, party members were seen harassing a motorist who they believed to be a Jew.

"Heil Hitler and what he did," someone can be heard saying in the video. "No more Jews."

"White power!" another person shouted.

A woman then gave a Nazi salute in the direction of the car.

"You can shove that finger up your rabbi's ass," a man said into a bullhorn. "He's a Jew. Look at him. Guess where you're going back to."

"You know how we know you're a Jew? By how close your eyes are together," another man opined.

The video ended with a group of the participants chanting "white power!"

Watch the video clip below.