Florida GOP group under investigation for questionable spending by past board members: report

On Friday, NBC2 reported that the Collier County, Florida Sheriff's Office is investigating suspicious spending by the local Republican Executive Committee.

"The Collier Sheriff's office confirms they have received multiple complaints about past board members of the executive committee," reported Dave Elias. "The auditor of the committee himself said he saw thousands of dollars in questionable spending."

"NBC2 obtained a copy of the letter that was signed by former Co-Chair Nick Lichter and Konuk," continued the report. "The letter claims CCREC paid for out of pocket expenses with cash and over paid thousands on its rent to name a few of the allegations. "

According to Joanne DeBartolo, the Collier County Republican State Committeewoman, she was aware of complaints — although she insists the wrongdoing was committed under a former board, rather than the current members.