Ron DeSantis rally crowd cheers louder for tax-free pet food than tax-free goods for children
Florida Governor Rob DeSantis speaks at the University of Miami in 2019. (

Florida's Ron DeSantis (R) spoke to a crowd on Sunday, just a few weeks before the election, using some of the key attacks he's crafted over the past year, like his decision to go after one of the state's largest employers, Disney. But at one point, the crowd seemed to be excited about one of the GOP government hands outs.

"And so, if you have your family doing, especially with this crushing Biden-flation, if you're raising kids, we're going to give pertinent tax exclusion — no sales tax on diapers, wipes, cribs, strollers, the whole nine yards, raising kids is going to be tax-free in the state of Florida," said DeSantis to small cheers.

"We're also going to do no tax on things like used sports equipment, we're going to do no tax on books," DeSantis continued. "We're going to do two tax holidays, in fall and spring semesters."

"And we are also going to realize that when you have high inflation, there are certain things you can cut back on, but there are certain things you gotta do. With the kids, you've just gotta do it. Another thing you gotta do is you got to feed your pets. You've got to make sure they're taken care of. We're going to make pet food tax-free in Florida," he said, and the crowd went wild with cheers.

See the moment in the video below:

DeSantis pet food 1 pressed