Florida woman hacks high school computer system to try to rig Homecoming Queen vote

On Monday, WKRG reported that a woman in Pensacola, Florida has been charged with a scheme to unlawfully gain access to a the computer system at Tate High School, in order to rig the Homecoming Queen vote for her daughter.

"Laura Rose Carroll, 50, and her daughter, 17, are charged with offense against users of computers, computer systems, computer networks, and electronic devices, unlawful use of a two-way communication device, criminal use of personally identified information, and conspiracy to commit these offenses," said the report. "Laura Rose Carroll is also an assistant principal at Belleview Elementary in Pensacola."

According to the report, Carroll and her daughter used FOCUS, a virtual school portal, as a backdoor for the scheme.

"In October 2020, hundreds of votes for Tate High School's Homecoming Court were tagged as fraudulent, with 117 votes originated from the same IP address linked to Carroll's phone," said the report. "Multiple students reported that the daughter described using her mother's FOCUS account to cast votes. The daughter was crowned homecoming queen video and pictures online show."

Watch the report below: