Trump fan who made bomb threat tells court he has a 'diagnosis' and needs to take his 'mind medicine'
Ray Roseberry, man who posted videos driving to the Capitol with what he said was a bomb (Photo: Screencapture)

A supporter of former President Donald Trump hinted to a court on Friday that he is struggling with mental illness, just one day after he drove his truck to the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. and threatened to detonate a bomb there.

As reported by NBC 4 Washington's Scott MacFarlane, North Carolina resident Floyd Ray Roseberry and his public defender told the court during a virtual hearing that he hadn't taken his medication for days and needed to do so to be able to understand the hearings.

"Roseberry says he hasn't taken medication for two days," MacFarlane writes on Twitter. "(Blood pressure meds and 'mind medicine') He says his wife has power-of-attorney over his medicine... Roseberry says his 'memory' isn't very good."

Roseberry's attorney also told the court that his client has an unspecified "diagnosis."

The court ordered Roseberry to remain in pre-trial detention for the time being, MacFarlane reports.

Roseberry on Thursday got into a standoff with police in which he threatened to detonate an explosive at the Library of Congress before he eventually surrendered peacefully to police.

He has since been charged with threat of use of weapon of mass destruction and use or attempted use of explosive device.