Former GOP staffer and mayor pretended to be ex-girlfriend when posting revenge photos: court documents

Cambridge Maryland Mayor Andrew Bradshaw was arrested on 50 counts of revenge porn that he posted on Reddit from his own account and others after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend.

The court filings revealed by the Maryland district attorney describes

"Some REDDIT forums where the photographs of VICTIM-1 include subreddits named 'HumiliatingComments', 'DegradeThisPig', 'DegradedCaptions', 'Slut', and 'needysluts,'" the documents say. "Additional photographs of VICTIM-1 were posted in subreddits specifically related to 'raceplay' with racial slurs in several of the posting titles."

VICTIM-1 isn't named anywhere in the documents to protect her identity. They found his IP address, which tracked to his physical address, matching the Maryland state tax filings.

Some of the posts from Bradshaw cited in the court documents posting as the ex-girlfriend when posting the photos.

"On or about May 20, 2021, at Dorchester County, Maryland, ANDREW BRADSHAW, did knowingly distribute a visual representation (with caption "F*cked a [redacted] for the 1st time last night- I'm still smiling this morning from the orgasms he gave me") of Victim 1, that displays said person's intimate parts exposed, with the intent to harm said person, with reckless disregard as to whether said person consented to the distribution and under circumstances in which the other person had a reasonable expectation that the image would remain private, in violation of §3-809 of the Criminal Law Article and against the peace, government and dignity of the State," the documents say with Count 1.

Count 2 includes a post allegedly from Bradshaw with the caption, "The kind of white girl [redacted] love to nut on." Count 3 cites an alleged post in which he said, "Ready to try my first ever [redacted] d*ck." Count 4 cites another post saying, "Ready to try [redacted] d*ck for the 1st time." Count 5 allegedly said, "Ready to put a [redacted] d*ck between these t**ties for the first time ;)" Count 6 allegedly read, "The kind of body black men love." Count 8 allegedly read, "24 yo white girl looking for first black d*ck." Count 9 allegedly referred to the ex-girlfriend as a "chubby white girl looking for a [redacted] daddy to message with."

Bradshaw says on his campaign website that he interned for Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD) and for Republican Maryland Senator Richard F. Colburn. According to the biography, "Andrew spent a year interning with Maryland Senator Richard F. Colburn, working in his district office, traveling to work in Annapolis, and assisting on his 2006 reelection campaign."

As mayor, Bradshaw posted frequently about Black Heritage and supporting Maryland Civil Rights leaders.