Former Trump aides say he was sloppy when it came to rules about handling classified info: report
Gage Skidmore.

Former aides to Donald Trump during his time in the White House say he never strictly followed the rules for handling sensitive government documents, The Washington Post reports.

"[Trump] took transcripts of his calls with foreign leaders as well as photos and charts used in his intelligence briefings to his private residence with no explanation," The Post's reports stated. "He demanded that letters he exchanged with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un be kept close at hand so he could show them off to visitors. Documents that would ordinarily be kept under lock and key mingled with piles of newspaper articles in Trump’s living quarters and in a dining room that he used as an informal office."

Aides speaking to The Post say they don't know how classified materials ended up at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort, but it's known that in the last days of his presidency, he included documents that should have been sent to the National Archives and Records Administration as he was packing his belongings.

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“The rigor I had felt at the end of meetings during the Obama administration ... where someone very carefully collected all the pieces of paper or stayed behind in the room and made sure there was nothing left — that rigor just did not exist at the end during the Trump period,” a former official who regularly attended Situation Room meetings told The Post.

“I can’t say what went wrong that resulted in some boxes ending up at Mar-a-Lago,” said another former official. “But you can see that as an extension of four years of accommodating the president.”