‘Cracks me up’: Fox & Friends hosts gang up to mock Georgia voters banned from being given water
Fox and Friends (Screen Shot)

All three "Fox & Friends" hosts Thursday morning in a jovial segment laughed at and mocked Georgia voters after Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed a law designed to disenfranchise voters that bans anyone from giving water to people standing in line to vote. In 2020 some Georgia voters stood in line for 11 hours to cast their ballots. Those voters forced to stand in long lines are mostly "in nonwhite neighborhoods," according to a ProPublica report.

But an 11-hour wait to participate in democracy is just another joke to the conservative co-hosts on Fox News.

"The water argument is what cracks me up," co-host Ainsley Earhardt told viewers. "What line have you ever stood in? If you go to Yankee Stadium and stand in line to get a ticket, do they serve you water? Do you care?"

"Just hot towels," Brian Kilmeade mockingly replied.

"I have been voting for over 40 years," an adamant Steve Doocy declared. "And I have never thought to myself, 'OK I'm gonna go vote today. Will they have snacks?'" he said with a distorted facial expression as Earhardt and Kilmeade laughed.

"Right, absolutely," Kilmeade added.

"I'm not worried about snacks," Doocy continued, to laughter.

"I know," Earhardt agreed.

"No water," Kilmeade concluded.