'Such an insult': Fox Business interrupts subway shooting 'alert' to complain about Biden's gun control
Fox Business/screen grab

Fox Business host Stuart Varney interrupted a breaking news "alert" about a shooting in Brooklyn to spend several minutes complaining about President Joe Biden's gun control efforts.

As a manhunt was underway for a gunman who injured at least 16 people on the subway, the Fox Business host changed the subject.

Despite the "Fox Business Alert" graphics labeling the shooting "breaking news," Varney asked Fox News host Brian Kilmeade to opine on a proposed rule that aims to curb the use of "ghost guns" that do not have serial numbers.

"Bearing in mind the situation that is developing in New York City right now, what's your reaction to the president's crackdown on ghost guns?" Varney wondered. "That was what he was all about yesterday afternoon. He went to great lengths on ghost guns! Your reaction?"

"The ghost guns is such an insult," Kilmeade griped. "It's like blaming the car for a drunk driver. Yeah, ghost guns are a problem. Of course! If you have an unmarked gun that was put together with parts, yeah. But guess what, Stuart? You could order a ghost gun right now, you're not going to shoot anybody! I'm not shooting anybody!"

"Most of our audience can get a ghost gun and not have it registered, but you're not going to be killing anybody," he added.

Varney argued that Biden was to blame for the growing number of guns in the United States.

"The president goes out yesterday and hammers ghost guns and then says he wants to go further," the Fox Business host noted. "The result of that will be probably a million Americans will go out and buy their first gun. That's exactly what's going to happen."

Kilmeade then linked gun control to Covid-19 lockdowns around the world.

"In Shanghai, they basically jailed 25 million people for testing positive and being asymptomatic so, uh, the first thing they do is disarm you in society," he ranted. "And then they take over your life. And in Australia, believe it or not, I've never seen such a vicious crackdown on the pandemic from what they did in Australia!"

"And I'm not saying they wouldn't have done it if they had guns, but I'm telling you the American people will never be disarmed!" he insisted.

"The Second Amendment makes America a unique country," Varney concluded. "And that's one of the reasons I'm here."

Watch the video below from Fox Business.

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