Fox News host says he's under 'attack' by Trump fans after reporting results of Cyber Ninja's audit
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News host Howard Kurtz said that he felt attacked by his viewers after reporting the results of a so-called audit of Arizona's 2020 presidential election.

On his Sunday news program, Kurtz noted that former President Donald Trump had "unloaded" on the media's reporting of the audit, which was conducted by Cyber Ninjas.

"It found no hard evidence of substantial fraud and, in fact, awarded Joe Biden 99 more votes and Trump 261 fewer votes," Kurtz reported. "The Republican president of the Arizona Senate which commissioned the audit by the Cyber Ninjas -- always makes me think of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- accepted the findings, saying, numbers are numbers and truth is truth. And here's Trump trashing the 'fake news' for its reporting. What is the press supposed to do when this audit says, yes, Joe Biden won the state by more than 10,000 votes?"

Following the show, Kurtz revealed that he had been criticized by Fox News fans for the report.

"A little sad that when the GOP-commissioned and Trump-ally-funded Arizona audit found Biden got 99 more votes, people attack me & the media," Kurtz wrote on Twitter. "Raising questions about possible errors & fraud is not the same as proving them, and was reported. This is our tribal politics today."

Watch the video below from Fox News.