Fox News pursues interview with border agent who whipped at migrants: 'That is a crowd control tactic'
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News host Lawrence Jones announced on Thursday that the network is pursuing an interview with a Border Patrol agent who has been accused of whipping at Haitian migrants.

Earlier this week, the White House announced that some agents had been placed on leave after they were seen on horseback using a whip-like cord to control migrants.

"It was not a whip," Jones explained on Fox & Friends. "They never touched the Haitian population with the reins of the horse. That is a way to control the horse and how you progress the horse forward. Also, that is a crowd control tactic."

"Do not train the border patrol agents to do that and then when they do it, you want to put them on leave," he complained. "I don't think that's fair. And also, this was done to the Mexican population as well. Anybody that's come across the border, that same tactic has been used. No one got hit by it."

Jones revealed that he has spoken to one of the agents who was put on leave.

"I'm trying to get an interview with him exclusive to Fox & Friends," the host said.

Watch the video below from Fox News.