'Sort of a sociopath': Fox News guest brands Black teen a 'life ruiner' for exposing classmate's N-word video
Fox News/screen grab

A Fox News segment on Tuesday smeared a Black teen, Jimmy Galligan, as a "sociopath" because he attempted to call out racism.

While speaking to New York columnist Karol Markowicz, Fox News host Sandra Smith suggested that The New York Times was "glorifying cancel culture" because it reported on a Virginia student who had shared a video of a white classmate uttering the N-word.

The white student, Mimi Groves, later withdrew from her university after the video went public.

"They let a child take down another child," Markowicz complained. "You know, anybody who keeps a video for three years is sort of a sociopath and we really need to watch that and the fact that that kid needs help."

Markowicz insisted that she was not encouraging people to "go after the boy who went after this girl and got her life ruined."

"But absolutely he is a kid and he got the New York Times to support his insane vengeance plan against her," she added. "Vengeance is cyclical. "People are going to go after each other like this if the New York Times encourages it."

Smith noted that Groves has said what she did was "wrong," although she did not acknowledge the racist nature of her remarks.

Before ending the segment, Smith and Markowicz seemed to agree that the best way to avoid being called out for racism was not to post "anything stupid" on social media.

"Anything can be twisted," Markowicz opined. "I think that anything can be turned around and twisted and it can be a life ruiner as we're watching this happen right now to this girl."

Watch the video below from Fox News.