Fox News' slate of commercials targeting fat, bald, impotent men gets the John Oliver treatment
Men have issues, commercial (Screen capture)

John Oliver did a collection of some of the commercials airing on Fox News in the middle of the night that the show noted tell you exactly who is watching their channel.

The first was for Urolift, which begins, "Men, over 35, do you have the frequent need to urinate?"

The next was for male sexual enhancement, purporting to "work the very first time." As does some kind of "Force Score XXL." There was also an ad telling men that they can "be the man you want to be."

Then it was followed by another over the counter medication that can help reduce the need to urinate as much. As an FYI for men, there's an actual prescription your doctor can give you for that.

"Guys! What happened to your roar?" another ad says showing a lion followed by an adorable kitten.

Then something about hair loss, another about frequent bathroom trips and "guys, it's that time, and nothing's happening."

In the end, Fox News makes it clear that the only people watching their network at that hour is likely fat, bald, impotent and has to pee constantly.

See the hilarious video below: