Fox News report destroys network’s own hosts by revealing ‘sharply’ rising Covid deaths in children

June 23, Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed that the World Health Organization is against children being vaccinated, despite the vaccine being approved for kids over 12. It was the same day that the CDC wrote an article dispelling myths.

"More vaccines, despite the human cost, that's their position," Carlson said of medical experts.

Last month, Fox News host Laura Ingraham also said that the vaccine is being forced on children.

"Our big pharma overlords have decided that we need to get rid of these vaccines before they expire. Well, just like the so-called public health experts, the media, they have zero credibility and maximum culpability here," Ingraham said. "None of those facts are going to stop [the media] from promoting the government's vaccine pressure campaign, especially the one that will target our children."

But Fox News has now taken a different tactic. In one segment, Sunday, the network was suddenly heartbroken about the increase in COVID cases among children. They went after former President Barack Obama for his scaled-back birthday extravaganza where he wasn't wearing a mask. To get into Obama's event, all people had to prove they were vaccinated.

Fox hosts have opposed masks for over a year, so it's unclear why they're angry at Obama for doing what they've called for. Similarly, the network has opposed masks for children and vaccines for children, so it's unique to see Fox take such a drastic turn.

See the video below:

Children are dying

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