The co-founder of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York shocked Fox News host Bill Hemmer on Thursday after he used a racial slur against New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

Hemmer began his interview with Hawk Newsome by stating, "White lives matter too." The Fox News host then asked Newsome to respond to Black deaths in the city.

"It was smooth the way you threw in white lives matter in there," Newsome noted. "Our problem is Black lives are oppressed and don't receive justice. Nobody cares. Nothing happens. Something happens to a white person, the world moves, right?"

"So let's get back to Eric Adams," he continued. "This mayor who is a Democrat but he spews conservative and Republican talking points. At the end of the day, we have a name for someone like this. And this is someone we call a coon, right?"

"Whoa!" Hemmer exclaimed.

"He's a white man in black face," Newsome said of Adams. "And a very conservative-minded white man at that."

Watch the video below:

BLM leader busts 'smooth' Fox News host after he begins interview with 'white lives matter'