Fox News host whitewashes Capitol Hill siege: Portland liberals 'have an insurrection every night'
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News hosts on Sunday downplayed the attack on Capitol Hill supporters by suggesting that left-leaning protesters in Portland "have an insurrection every night."

On Sunday's edition of Fox & Friends, hosts attempted to shift attention to protests in Portland instead of focusing on a seditious and deadly attempt to overthrow the U.S. government.

"I guess the next time I disagree with someone, I'll punch them in the mouth and tell them I'm helping with their own personal growth," Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth snarked. "That's ultimately the perspective. Any violence is justified."

"In Portland and Seattle, they are rioting against the government," he continued. "You might say they have an insurrection against he government every night. Every single night you've got extremists on the street pushing it."

Hegseth complained: "Yet, we have an ongoing conversation about what happened on Jan. 6. No one is justifying that. But at the same time, we're starting to see new breadcrumbs of new phrases like domestic violent extremism. In fact, we haven't covered it much on this program and we will."

According to the Fox News host, the government is preparing to "go after domestic violent extremists."

"Not the Antifa types we're seeing every single night," he said. "What we're talking about is maybe supporters of the [former] president. Maybe people who are America first, who talked about 'Stop the Steal.' The could be the focus of that, including their involvement in Jan. 6 or regardless of it. It's a scary moment right now."

Watch the video below from Fox News.