Watergate prosecutor: Fox News' efforts to hide the J6 hearings from their partisan viewers is a futile cause

As the House Select Committee on January 6 has produced bombshell hearing after bombshell hearing, Fox News has largely tried to avoid giving much airtime to the matter, outright refusing to carry Thursday's hearing at all.

But on Friday's edition of MSNBC's "The ReidOut," former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman said that Fox's efforts to diminish the political impact of the hearings is likely to be in vain.

"You know it's effective because Fox News — like one, Fox News is refusing they played, like they know it's effective," said anchor Joy Reid. "Last night, this is what they were playing. They just ignored it. And they had Josh Hawley on ... while everyone else was watching the hearings, trying to isolate their people from it. We are talking about 17 million people across the networks just last night. What do you make of the fact that Trump's home network is ignoring it? Trying to?"

"They're trying to, but you can't completely ignore it," said Akerman. "Sure, there's gonna be a number of people who are Republicans, who are die-hard Trumpers, that aren't gonna watch this. But you are not talking about a big margin of people that need to be educated, and need to be looking at this."

Akerman then explained the key reason why the GOP can't ignore away the facts outlined by the committee hearings: they need voters beyond their own base.

"There are more independents now these days than there are party members, so if you can reach the independents, if you can reach the vast, you know, majority of the public, it really is having a big impact," said Akerman.

Watch below:

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