Dem derails Fox News panel on Biden's 'lavish' holiday: You would attack him for 'staying at a Best Western'
Fox News/screen grab

A former campaign surrogate for Joe Biden pushed back on Fox News Wednesday after the network repeatedly criticized the president over his Thanksgiving plans.

Throughout the day, Fox News had called out Biden for enjoying a "lush" holiday at the Nantucket home of a billionaire.

But reporters failed to note that former President Donald Trump often spent Thanksgiving breaks at his Mar-a-Lago resort. That all changed when former Biden surrogate Kevin Walling joined a panel discussion about Biden's vacation plans, which were called "lavish" by Fox News contributor Liz Peek.

"Is it tone deaf?" Fox News host Gillian Turner asked Walling.

"Listen, the right-wing media is going to attack the president if he's staying at a Best Western," Walling explained. "They're always just going to attack him no matter what he does. He's staying with friends in Nantucket, something that the Biden family has done since the president lost his first wife."

The guest then reminded Fox News viewers about Trump's frequent vacations.

"I actually prefer it this way where he's not charging the Americans people millions of dollars to secure him at his properties," Walling said. "The Secret Service isn't paying hundreds of thousands of dollars like they did with President Trump for just golf carts alone."

Watch the video below from Fox News.