Fox News host doubles down on LGBTQ hate after Colorado Springs mass shooting
Police markers at a shooting scene (

Days after another attack on LGBTQ people, Fox host Tucker Carlson doubled down on his anti-LGBTQ hate.

Carlson has long had problems with LGBTQ people, dating back to his college yearbook in which he claimed he was a member of the Dan White Society. Dan White was the man who assassinated LGBTQ rights activist Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone in 1978.

Over the years, Carlson has been triggered by drag queens in full regalia reading children's books to kids. He has also attacked people who claimed that allowing medical care for transgender youth is akin to being a child molester. Carlson agreed with the guest, adding, falsely, that trans youth undergo “genital mutilation and chemical castration."

Carlson's obsession with transgender people with outright lies about the Arkansas bill about gender-affirming care. Gov. Asa Hutchinson vetoed the bill that banned care. The legislature then overrode the veto, putting the bill into law.

"With respect," Carlson said. "It doesn't sound like you have studied it very deeply. I mean, this is an emerging field. There's not a lot of research. But the research that exists suggests the depression and the urge to self-harm and suicide is a component, it's a side effect of taking these hormones."

Every major professional medical association has been supportive of gender-affirming care, but Carlson doesn't invite those guests on.

Just two days after five people were killed at an LGBTQ club in Colorado Springs, Carlson began his show falsely claiming that LGBTQ people were child molesters. Underneath him, the banner read, "violence and cruelty should horrify us." His words were a different story, however.

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