Fox News report highlights Buffalo shooter's 'mental health' to explain white racism
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News correspondent Nate Foy suggested that a man allegedly planned out a racist shooting rampage in Buffalo, NY because he had "mental health" problems.

In a report broadcast on Sunday, Foy began by noting that accused shooter Payton Gendron "was referred for counseling and a mental health evaluation last June."

"So, not even a year ago after being accused of threatening his high school classmates," Foy said.

The Fox News correspondent acknowledged that Gendron was openly racist, but he also offered a possible explanation.

"Racial slurs [were] written on the barrel of the shooter's gun," he reported. "Again, it was less than a year ago that questions were initially raised about Gendron's mental health after, again, he allegedly threatened high school classmates."

"We will be looking more into that in the coming days," Foy promised.

"A lot more questions have to be investigated," Fox News anchor Eric Shawn agreed.

Foy did not mention that the shooter was linked to a racist conspiracy theory that has been promoted by Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham

Watch the video below from Fox News.