Fox News ripped for ‘dangerous propaganda’ as Tucker Carlson undermines vaccines

Fox News and executive chairman and CEO Lachlan Murdoch were blasted on Thursday for the network's coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Now, there is one place where this dangerous propaganda has come from more than any other, maybe aside from Donald Trump," MSNBC's Chris Hayes said. "Throughout the pandemic, right? I am just talking all the way from the beginning and that's Fox News."

"I mean, when you take a step back, from the beginning, they have tried every single way of undermining the response to coronavirus," he explained. "Even before the vaccine came along, they spread lies and railed against every possible solution we had -- all the public-health measures that were at our disposal to try to save lives."

The host played an extended montage of Fox News coverage of COVID-19.

"We can vaccinate our way out of the pandemic and not have to deal with those things. But now, now that we're at that point, Fox News, especially Tucker Carlson, is now trying to undermine the vaccines," he explained.

While the pandemic is still gripping America, life is mostly back to normal in Australia, which is where Lachlan Murdoch is now residing.


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